About Us

Yogels co-founders Nathan Friesen and Cindy Van Sas wearing Yogels branded aprons

Our Story


The idea for Yögels came in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Nathan Friesen recently graduated from Western University and Cindy had been pulled from her school placement. When Cindy began experimenting with recipes for healthy bagels, she eventually stumbled across something that would eventually become Yögels. She originally made the bagels for herself, her family and her friends and they all loved them. Afterwards, Nathan and Cindy went to local grocery stores to see if they could find anything like this; something healthier while still maintaining delicious flavour, but there was nothing! There was only bagels that either tasted good but were high in calories or bagels that were low in calories but lacked flavour; nothing that had both! This is when Nathan and Cindy decided to do it themselves and founded Yögels.