BEST. BAGELS. EVER. What I like about these bagels is that they are super light and are loaded with flavour! My personal favourite is the jalapeño cheddar. It has the perfect little kick to start my mornings. Highly recommend!!

Zoe Daviault

The first time I tried Yogels, I was hooked!! The unique texture of the dough leave regular bagels in the dust. Love, love the savoury flavours! A must try!

Tif Pinheiro

Yogels bagels were sooo good and there are so many fun flavours to try. My boyfriend is a huge bagel lover and he liked these bagels more than the standard bagel! That's gotta say something.

Sydney Kustermans

Got the amazing chance to try out this local businesses bagels and let me just say they were perfect, great flavour and very satisfying. Their low calorie bagels are the perfect guilt free breakfast or snack.

Marissa Farrugia

Bagels are amazing love them all.

Eva Klassen

My Yogels were super delicious! I enjoyed them a lot more than regular bagels from the grocery store.

Charlotte Walters

Yogels are the most flavourful, mouth-watering, healthy bagels I've ever tasted. They're worth every penny!

Tina Matthews

Yogels bagels are truly some of the best tasting bagels I have ever had!

Erinn Rock

The best combination of fluffy insides and crunchy outsides. The bagels eliminate the calories but never sacrifice the taste.

Alex Jackman

I ordered two packs of Yogels! The website was user friendly, and checkout was a breeze. The Yogels showed up super quick and the customer service was awesome! The actual Yogels were delicious - I flew through both packs as they were so good. Would definitely recommend and am looking to re-order soon!

Chloe Czempoyesh

Yogels bagels are a great alternative to the typical bagels out there and you don't feel guilty eating them because you know what's in them! They are always fresh and you know they were made with care from some hard-working local people!! Plus they taste AMAZING!! I don't buy regular store-bought bagels anymore.

Ashley Pinheiro

Yogels bagels have been an excellent addition to my meals. They are not only low calorie, with great macronutrient spread, but they are unbelievably tasty. I love the different flavour options, and unique combinations that are put into these bagels. They freeze incredibly well until you're ready to eat them, and truly taste freshly baked when you rewarm them.

Sam Da Costa

I loved Yogels bagels and was surprised how light they were. I thought with the yogurt they might be heavy but they weren't at all! My whole family loved them.

Julie Brown